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Wednesday, April 05, 2006 

Life's a Pizza.

(Salivating Yet? The picture was taken by yours truly at a favorite local pizza joint in Baguio City named Pizza Volante. I share a lot of memories with that pizzateria.)

People are like Pizza. You start with the dough, the crust. Some are made thick, some are made thin, but all are capable of holding the sauce. The sauce or the thick red personality base, is either made sour, sweet, or salty, regardless all are still red. (I haven't seen or tasted one of a different color. And we all run on blood don't we?) Next, there's the cheese; Mozzarella, cheddar, fontina or feta. They differ in texture and color, but all taste good. And I believe in the innate goodness of every person. Then, there's the meat, chicken, anchovy, pork, or beef, (excuse me, vegans) these add character to the pizza. Some face life with fear, others prefer to cut through water effortlessly, some are lean and mean, unafraid. Not to be left out is the relish; mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, pepper, onions, vegies. These are the values we learn in life, they can be homegrown, organic, or mass produced. Some are well endowed, others are shorthanded nevertheless all are still relished. Lastly, pizza is enjoyed only if shared with someone you love. (yiheeee!)

Everyone loves pizza, why the heck is the world at war?

ang tagal naman ng bagong entry ano ba yan :p

Thanks yu'ey'pi! I'm glad that my blog keeps you coming back for more like pringles. Once you pop, you can't stop! wahahahha! kidding. I'd like to thank all my fans out there! don't be afraid to post comments! Please! Thank you! Alien!

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Because, although people love pizza, they're more obsessed with striking a pose inside Starbucks with their cups of hot or cold coffee, pretending to discuss existentialism. As a result, they're loaded with caffeine and themselves, hightstrung and prone to violent reactions. :p

Amen to that.

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