Sunday, May 07, 2006 

How much would you give to win? (Of Kobe Bryant and the L.A. Lakers, and Captain Barbel of GMA 7)

Win or lose, the Los Angeles Lakers have certainly proved a point in this NBA season's playoffs. For at least 3 games, they played as a team, a clear indication that even the most challenged of NBA teams are capable of beating the most elite opponents when working as a unit. Kobe Bryant, the best player ever to grace the court, has to learn this the hard way, though. With the Lakers failing to take advantage of their 3-1 lead in this seven game series against the freakin' Phoenix Suns, he now faces a tough challenge of either ending the Lakers' remarkable season by donning the "Assassin-Kobe" cape, or eventually lead his team into the annals of NBA history by drawing his sword and being "Captain Bryant" in the last stretch of this 7-game series. The "Assassin-Kobe" we have seen in the last two games no doubt is awe-inspiring, "Captain Bryant" we have seen in the 3 games prior to that is "so very very inspiring." The key to winning is confidence, we have seen the Lakers uber confidence in their 3 victories, we must see it again in Game 7. One of the greatest challenges for a leader on the other hand is to give back to each member of a team that same confidence that they have in you. With that being said, I pray that "Captain Bryant" take the stage!

In local news, Captain Barbel will surely take the stage in GMA 7's tele-babad. wahahahahaha!

Life is prevalent and abounded with teams, whether at home or at the office, they come in the person of friends or family. How much are we willing to give to make us win the game of life? Shall we put our confidence in our leaders or shall our leaders put their confidence in us?


Stevie Wonder and his Famous Song

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