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Friday, April 14, 2006 

The Joys and Woes of Wearing Eye Glasses


1. The way it fits: It's hell if it doesn't fit you well.

a. The nose rest is irritating.

b. The frame isn't at level.

2. You have to take it on and off repeatedly just to get that snug fit on top of your nose. (refer to no. 1)

3. It keeps on sliding down your nosebridge.

4. You need to push it up back when no. 3 happens.

5. It aches to wear it for long periods of time. Especially at work.

6. The lens get smudged almost everytime. (back to no.2)

7. There seems to be no perfect effective way to get rid of those smudges! Not good for OC's.

8. You can't see well without them on.

9. You can't see well with them on either.

10. It freakin' costs P2000! (And that's the cheapest pair by the way.)

11. It makes you want to throw up... Bonamine please!


1. It gives you that "scholarly," sophisticated look. (accd. to TL) sounds more like "nerdy" to me.

2. They can be fashionable.

3. A good disguise. People don't recognize you anymore. (if you wear them the first time.)

4. It rectifies poor eyesight. Yes, there is hope. (That we'll see in 6 months' time KC.)

5. Adds 5 years to your age. (This is a woe for some.)

The thought: Keep yourself and your goal in focus, whatever it takes. Wear eyeglasses if you need to. ü

you are such a drama king KC! bwahahaha

Thanks for the comment ges'hu. I appreciate it, you're becoming one of my regulars. Drama... is like the sea, and we, the vessels. hehehe. DRAMATIC! hehehe.

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