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Saturday, September 20, 2008 

I Envy The Child

Innocence 2, originally uploaded by karoluscamilius.

Never too afraid to try out new things. Always inquisitive. Trusting and Meek.

I, the 25 year old, too afraid to get out of the shell I myself have created.

Actually I just want to quit my job but simply can't. hehe...

i agree. children enjoy the simplest of things and are not afraid to explore the world we live.

......about your last statement. It's human nature to seek what we dont have - never satisfied on what is presently in our hands. learn (and save) from what you have right now (to the maximum) because it will equipt you towards the next step. i'm sure you can make it. i believe in you (naaaks!)

Wow! I really appreciate that Doc. Thank you! :D

There are times that I am thankful for what I have and how fortunate I am. But the real problem comes when I begin comparing myself to my peers and friends who are more successful (in my opinion at least) than I am. I get envious and feel that I'm underachieving. Well, this deserves another post but I really appreciate your insight on this Doc. This is really encouraging, let's be thankful then! :D


i will wait for the next post then.

everytime i feel that i'm about to give up, i always utter my mantra ILOVEMYJOB! you should try it. let's be thankful and share our blessings then.

(ewww, i sound saintly...manong! pakipalitan nga yung tubig dito sa station, iba epekto saken!!!)

Pahingi din ng tubig na yan, manong! hahaha!

oy,mag update ka na! :-)

Ay, oo nga pala, may tigasubaybay pala ako. hahaha! eto na. hehehe.

anya met ten ngarud! apay awan pa update? nabaybayag! :-)

hahaha! naglaing ka met gayam nga ag-ilokano! :D

nice capture of that. children are indeed more radical. hehehe...

DonG: Thanks for dropping by! Nice blog you've got there.

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