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Wednesday, August 20, 2008 


Sun Bathing, originally uploaded by karoluscamilius.

Fishes, ants, these turtles, they all line up. Why can't we?

back in public school elementary (i call it UP Taytay), we always line up for flag ceremony, going to the canteen, and yeah even to the CR, and transfering to another classroom. I'd say back in the days, we were pretty much disciplined. when i entered private school in high school (ateneo de cainta), it's like all hell break loose! there goes my disciplined foundation. i came to a conclusion that hmmn, this is such a crazy world we live in, we create rules to put things in order, and we defy rules to add spice in life. ironic.

rheiboy17: Amen to that!ü Ang walang kupas kong tigasubaybay, si doc Rheiboy! hehehe

hehe. avid fan. update naman dyan.

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