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Wednesday, October 29, 2008 

A "Lovely" Night

A "Lovely" Night, originally uploaded by karoluscamilius.

"The Tale That Never Was"

A Cinderella Parody

A lovely night 'twas supposed to be
To meet her Prince and love-to-be.
Such tales instead possess the knack,
Of twisting fate with loathsome luck.
The Crooked Night had other plans,
A ball with chains in place of dance.
The stars in the lonely heavens trembled above her,
Not in amazement but in dread of danger.
"Oh Fairy-mother come to me!"
Girl of Cinders cried shakily.
No fairy dust however came,
But chilly winds of icy taste.

Here now you ask how it began
How Witch contrived her wicked plan.
At Hallows Eve this Girl did see
A lovely glow beneath the trees
Before her eyes to her delight
A pumpkin bore such lovely light.
The pumpkin flushed and how it grew!
Unknowing this was Witch's brew
For in her heart a true desire
Her heart the Prince had set afire
Attend the Ball now was a must
The tempting Coach she had to trust.

"There's no one here to heed your plea."
A whisper said so eerily.
A hag whose very breath can fell
From filthy brims where darkness dwells.
Now, the Girl of Cinders will forever be
Under her spell of uncertainty,
Of despair, where hope is forever lost
She found herself now trapped in frost.
The Girl of Cinders' story told
In rather dark and lonely prose
And this is how it came to pass.
A Tale of Cinders that never was.

-KC Alabanza

KC: i admit, i'm not a fan of poetry. ergo, it's an effort for me to read (and digest) your latest blog.

but geez, this one is brilliant! you have a gift of words and creative thinking. morbidly perfect (who in the right mind would want to "alter" a classic children's story and twist it into a nightmare at elm's street type of plot?)!

your loyal follower,

PS: yung ilokano, bassit lang ti amuk (back in college, yung dalawa kong katabi parehong ilokano kaya pinilit kong matuto kahit konti)

Doc rheiboy17, thank you! I was supposed to just reply on your comment but it was too lengthy so I've decided just to make another post about it. hehe! Thank you garod a!

good job! hehe.. :)
lovely poem.. love it! i was planning to repost your poem (with your name opkorz) sa blog ko kaso i dunno if that would be ok hihi.. :)
gara ng poem mo dude.

jeni: It's okay! sige lang. :) Thanks Jen!

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