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Sunday, June 08, 2008 


A year ago, I wrote something about a new 24/7 adage, that of Kobe (24) and Lamar Odom (7) fusing as a new dynamic duo reminiscent of the Jordan and Pippen era of the 90's. It seemed then that I was talking about was heresy, a false premonition, a crazy notion to think that these two Lakers could even equal or be better than the deux-bulls who combined for a total of 6 NBA championships in a decade. What followed that article was a series of horrible mistakes, mishaps and near-tragedies for the Lakers as a whole. They squandered a 3-1 playoff lead to the Phoenix Suns back in 2006, they got eliminated in the first round of the 2007 playoffs, again by the Suns, injuries seemed to hound each and every player and ultimately, the "Man," Kobe asked to be traded to "Pluto" of all places. No kidding, he did!

So I jinxed them. Fine. I was born with a birthmark in my rear end. Fast forward to 2008, no one, myself included, ever thought that those struggles would have led them this far: Kobe Bryant, the 2008 MVP, his first ever in 12 seasons, playing the best team-ball ever in his life; Lamar Odom, finding himself and his purpose on this team as a very effective "fourth-scoring option;" Los Angeles receiving a donation in the form of Pau! Gasol, the Lakers winning the West; Finally, reaching the NBA Finals after those arduous years of ruin.

Now, call it clairvoyance, a prophecy, or simple luck, but part of it all was that I never lost faith in this team. Despite the jeers and trash-talking of my peers and friends and even my own brothers, all anti-laker minions, I endured and somehow refused to give up on the team I have learned to love as a growing teen. If there's anyone who deserves this success, it won't be Kobe, or Lamar, or the Lakers, but instead it would be the fans. Fans like me, die hard you may say, but also hard to dye with any other color other than Purple and Gold. With that my jinx has finally turned to fortune and there's no turning back for my unlucky rear-end now! Lakers all the way!

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wow, that's the spirit. lakers did not get the trophy this year but atleast they won the hearts of millions (you included). sigh.

go celtics! ooops, my keyboard has a mind of its own, sowwy.

hahahaha! nice one rheiboy! but I doubt if the lakers won some more hearts, it seems that everyone I know hates them and Kobe, who else. Congratulations to Paul Pierce. It's a well deserved championship. I pray for a rematch next year.ü Let's go Lakers, let's go!

Love Kobe and Go Lakers!

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