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Thursday, March 08, 2007 

I Jinxed the Lakers

Since my my most recent post about this storied NBA franchise, at least 4 other lakers have joined the injured list including a potential season ender for the other half of that "24/7," Lamar Odom. They can get to the playoffs alright (currently 2.5 games above the Western Conference's 7th spot) but their chances of making some noise after the season have been hushed. This season has so far been disheartening for those who bleed Purple and Gold.


Kwame Brown: Severe Sprained Ankle- Probable
Kobe Bryant: Hyper-extended Elbow- Will Play
Maurice Evans: Sore Knee- Probable
Chris Mihm: Right Ankle Surgery- Out For Season
Lamar Odom: Torn Labrum- Out
Vladimir Radmanovic: Separated Shoulder- Out
Luke Walton: Moderate Ankle Sprain- Out

By the way, I just don't get NBA VP Stu Jackson's dislike of Kobe Bryant. Bryant is suspended for the second time this season for the same reason as his first: "Playing basketball."

This is ridiculous. We're wasting another season of Kobe's Prime. This is injustice I say! The fans do not deserve this.

after the jump:

Ronny Turiaf goes down with a back injury. Puhleeez, this is the last thing we need. The next thing we know is that there's 4 active players left on the roster. Scheeeez!!!

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