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Thursday, March 22, 2007 

A Starbucks Cup as My Tripod

Long overdue photos of the late 2006 World Pyro-olypmics held at Pasay City, Philippines. As the title says, I used a starbucks cup (Tall, brewed coffee) to keep the camera still. Special thanks to the couple in front of us. I never knew that it would create a romantic effect on the pictures. I didn't even realize that they were within the frame.ü








its always nice to see fireworks. you had such a shot there! in a way it makes me feel new year again -the celebration, food and no-work (the best part)

this is long overdue, happy new year man! haha!

This is how you landed on my blog remember? You were looking for Fireworks. haha! Happy New Year!

2:52 am! i doubt if you'll be at work 8am today. haha..... (uh, but then again, ur probably at work at 2:52 am, are you?)

yeah i remember, that was several months ago. geez, the traffic in EDSA during that time was terrible!

uh btw, i dont MTRCB comments, u probably post a comment on a different blogspot (*wink)

goodtimes man, goodtimes.

This one's even earlier, 1:55am.ü Actually, I'm in this call center business just to avoid traffic. hahaha! (but then again, sigh... I should be in Law school by now!)Posted a comment again, i hope it's on the right (blog)spot this time.ü

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