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Friday, March 09, 2007 

It's amazing how this man faces challenges. Here's how he reacts to his latest adversity:

March 07 :: 2007
Kobe reacts to suspension

This is as frustrated as I've been in a long time.
Injuries to our team don't seem to stop.
Now we have to deal with my suspension and another loss to the Bucks.
But life isn't about feeling sorry for yourself or the position you find yourself in.
Its about accepting it and going from there with a determination that we will endure at all cost, no matter what!
So now its off to Philly. Let's see if we can't get the engines revved up again.
Strength and Honor.
- Two4

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basketball huh. injuries and all that. decades ago i was playing the nation's favorite sport, until i got pinned down by one of my neighbor - bad fall - broken tarsal and wrist - from then on, i had an early retirement. i guess the sport is not for me.

but i do "basketball"..... not the court stuff though *wink

Must be really tough to wear an arm sling huh -did you have to wear one?-. I've had my share of injuries too, sprains here and there. but none of those broken bones thankfully. Maybe I just wasn't aware of those broken bones cause my thumb still aches after four months of being hyper-extended when I tried to catch a long pass. Watcha think doc? Who's your fave NBA team by the way? careful, careful, that may also risk injury. haha!

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