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Sunday, November 16, 2008 


This is how we are today. We simply refuse to face the fact that as a people, we are PooRADA. Yes, we have reasonable salaries as middle-class denizens but shouldn't we be better off than we really are? As a taxpayer, it pains me that a huge portion of my hard earned money goes down the drain every payday, flows through filthy the pipes of the bureaucracy, before it eventually finds its way inside the miserable POZO NEGRO. That is, yes you know who I am talking about, She Who Must Not Be Named. The hardest part is that there really is nothing we can do about it, is there? At least for me, this is how I feel, PooRADA. There is no "Change I Can Believe In."

PooRADA, originally uploaded by karoluscamilius.

Something off-topic (as how my mind usually works, it's non-cohesive), here comes the huge irony. Come paydays, we the PooRada people, find the means to splurge on luxuries like purchasing PRADA bags; We line up for a latte or two at STARBUCKS; We stuff ourselves at buffet tables at KAMAYAN, DADS and SAISAKI; Hail TAXIS here and there and willingly immerse ourselves in depressing traffic; Swipe our VISAS and MASTERCARDS like there's no tomorrow. This is how it went down for me last Friday (except for that PRADA bag) and I know for a fact that it's how it went for you too. Don't deny it, I saw you at the mall! So here we are, feeling PooRADA. There is no change I can believe in because even change does not believe in me.

Thanks for reading my bi-polar post.

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hahaha... maybe you need to patent this word.

i like that shot. just clean.

So Makati.

Most of the people here, power getups lang. wala naman talagang savings. Poor them!

KC, this is a nice rant blog.

its true that every pay day you get to see how much is slashed out in your salary for "tax" and yet you don't feel much difference in the community - traffic, moon-surfaced roads, corruption, PRADAverty, hunger, unemployment.

now look at the scenario this way. but without taxes, where can the governement get funds for all those government employees, educating those POORada students in public schools and state universities, making farm to market roads, improving health care and quality of life?

the country needs our tax.... but we need a government who will take care of our people, NOT leaders who take care of their pockets....

GLORIAfication of the present administration is premature - we must feel that our lives are getting better.


The DonG: Thanks Bro! You just gave me an idea. haha!

chyng: Poor me. hehehe. Thanks! ;)

rheiboy17: Thanks Doc! That's new, PRADAverty. hehe. I'd better get that patent ASAP! I don't mind paying taxes, for as long as I know that my hard earned centavos die with justice. Puro reklamo nako dito. hehehe

kc: no worries, ranting is "therapeutic" :-)

I too splurge on several things during payday after paying all my bills. I go for a facial or I buy something nice for myself (often inexpensive like a new shade of lipstick, a comfortable cotton tee, or good pair of intimate wear) because making myself look better makes me feel better. It’s an effective short-term panacea when everything around me is stressful.

Champagne Supernova: Di mo na kailangan ng effort sa part na un... xD

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