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Wednesday, April 18, 2007 


Books are so powerful. They can sway you easily into a way of thinking, they can push you to look into new perspectives and some if not most may even change your whole life! I came across a book, The Celestine Prophecy. I've heard of this title for at least once in my lifetime but I never knew how radical and "new age" it truly was.

The book is an attempt to explain why people ask so much, why we keep on searching for answers, why we are so restless. Later on it explains that evolution is an inevitable process, that we as humans are bound to evolve into so-called higher vibrations or higher forms of beings. It even tries to explain Catholic scripture in a new light, saying that Christ himself was the first practitioner of these new Insights. CONTROVERSY ALERT! hehehe.

The book also tries to explain the imbalances that cause the world to be what it is today, from the power struggle of nations to simple family conflicts, from Psychological problems to Vegetarianism. Weird isn't it? I can never truly explain what the book is all about, all I can say that it promotes a totally new concept of the world -at least to me, since I found out the book was published in 1993, and what year is it again?- another way to look at life and how to live life. And if you're the type of person who hates cliche self-empowering books, if I tell you that it hypothetically explains Jesus' Ascension into Heaven will you read it? (you Da Vinci Code genre junkie!)

People just love controversy, especially something against the Church and I wonder why.


i read that book years before, back in pre-med days. i wish i can see the aura of every living creature on earth - but i cant. one child per adult? gosh, good idea. grabbing energy from each other everytime there's a fight.... well you know, i think its real.

to sum it up, its been years since i've encountered the book, and yet bits of it is still stuck in m y mind, ergo. it's worth reading.

correct me if i'm wrong, but i think it has a part 2 (that i didnt read). KC, youre the first person i knew who have read the book.

keep evolving. angels evolved. if by chance you suddenly vanished in thin air - then i already know why.

Rheiboy, that's exactly what I'm trying to point out here, that this book is so fascinating to say the least. You can derive many more theories from it I'm sure. It's been years since you've read it and I'm surprised that you still remember everything about it. hehe. It really leaves a mark on whoever reads the book.

There is a sequel, and a third book. I think it says something about the 10th insight and the following insights. Nevertheless I find it to be more of a utopian way of thinking. Energy is real, matter is real, evolution (from a scientific standpoint) is real but once you step right back into the real world, you'll realize that mind-driven synchronicity, ultra-human synthesis, etc., etc. are close to impossible. But it always helps to keep your mind out of the real world from time to time I guess.

It's a good read. Let's eat more vegetables and we'll probably see more of those energy fields!

P.S. If there's some kind of group or project that's devoted to this, let me know ASAP! They've probably vanished by now, but the author, I believe, is still very active in his career. Hah!ü

wow, you sound like youre going to "vanish" soon. do you see my energy comin out of this post? haha! goodtimes man!

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