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Friday, June 23, 2006 

Guessed it right...

(This is just one of my silly attempts to be a sports blogger.) ü

It is an envy to see Shaq celebrate his 4th Championship. It is an envy to see Dwayne Wade win the Finals MVP, an award which rightly belongs to him. Nevertheless, the Miami Heat deserved the Championship, Alonzo Mourning deserved it, Gary Payton deserved it, and I wonder if Antoine walker deserved it with the way he plays the game. Walker has the knack of shooting when he wants to, though he knows he already has lot his luster from 3-point country. It almost cost them the series.

My good friend, Miguel Jimenez of AOL must be very happy for his team. I am happy for him too. He must be dancing somewhere in Florida right now.

I wonder why Kobe is ditching #8 and will be donning #24 next season... Somehow it gives other people the notion that he's next after #23, which I hope is not his reason. I know he has matured a lot. So has his team, the Los Angeles Lakers .

The 2005-06 NBA season is over, so are my attempts to be a good sports blogger. Peace, out!

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